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Ceramic Insulation Fiber Felt

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Super Ceramic Fiber Felt is produced by the spun ceramic fiber bulk with certain percentage of inorganic binders, through solidification heating to form product.According to the application, it includes the ceramic fiber roll felt and flat felt.  
The classification temperature(℃): 1050, 1260, 1360, 1450.
* Low thermal conductivity, Low heat storage and low thermal shrinkage.              
* Excellent thermal and chemical stability and good resistance to corrossion.                                                                    
* Good sound absorption.                                                                
* Excellent tenacity, easy to cut, handle and install.
* Refractory lining for industry furnaces wall, roof, door, etc.                                     
* Back-up insulation for castable, brick and monolithic refractory.    
* Barrier against heat or flame.                         
* Combustion chamber liners, boilers and heaters.
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 Model No.: SPE-GF-CGJZ/SPE-CF-CGB    Hits: 203 China Ceramic Fiber Light Felt Super Manufacturer: Ceramic Fiber Light Felt, Good Sound Absorption, Barrier Against Heat or Flame, Easy to Cut.